Your wirehaired pointing griffon deserves the best of everything. From quality food to a comfortable bed, you’ve done your research and found what they need. But have you considered their grooming? A good undercoat rake can be used every few months on your dog to remove excess fur that would otherwise be shed all over your home or car. It will make them feel cleaner and more refreshed- especially if it is warm outside where fleas and ticks are hiding in long hairs waiting for an opportunity to bite. Using one will also help reduce shedding inside the house from hairballs that could get on furniture or even clothes that may cause allergies for sensitive skin. Luckily, I’ve found the perfect tool for your dog shedding: the PawsPamper undercoat rake.

Features of PawsPamper Undercoat Rake

This rake has four different pampering features, which include:

  • It removes hair from deep within the coat while brushing against the skin
  • The wooded handle provides comfort and control
  • Extra-long bristles sweep away loose hair quickly and easily
  • The tool is excellent for making your furry friend’s hair tangle-free

The Function of Undercoat Rake

PawsPamper rake is a new product that helps to reduce shedding and keep your wirehaired pointing griffons cleaner. It’s designed for both dogs and cats, so no matter what kind of fur-baby you have, it will work. Besides, this is one of the must-have tools for wirehaired pointing griffons owners that can help remove loose hair and dirt from your dog. It’s made of stainless steel teeth that are gentle on your pup but tough enough to remove any mats, tangles, or fur balls easily. Moreover, it also helps stimulate the skin’s natural oils, which will make your pet healthier and more comfortable. The PawsPamper undercoat also has a tangle-free rubber handle, so you won’t have to worry about accidentally scratching their skin when brushing them with it.

Choosing the Right Undercoat Rake Blade for Your Pet

This product comes with a wide range of blades to suit various animal fur. For instance, for pets with fine, soft and short fur, the 27 blade side would work best for both grooming and finishing. On the other hand, 13 blade sides can be used for coarse fur or double-coated dogs for thinning and general wok. Additionally, a general-purpose sided blade contains 20 blades and is most suitable for most pet breeds.

Consequently, since the blades work best for different types of dog fur, wirehaired pointing griffons would benefit the most when the dual blade of 13 and 20 are used. Wirehaired pointing griffons are among the most versatile breeds, featuring medium-length double coated dogs breeds around. Their coat is made up of harsh, wiry outer hairs and a dense underlayer. Besides, this dog breed may look unkempt, making it easily distinguishable from other dogs. A rake would be a perfect tool to groom this dog. In addition, it is worth noting that the product manual comes with specific guidance on how to use the blades for a wide range of pets you may have at home.

Best Way to Use Undercoat Rake for Maximum Benefit

Here are four tips to help you get the most out of your PawsPamper rake:

  • Start at the base of the neck and work down towards the tail.
  • Brush in the direction of hair growth for best results.
  • Use light pressure when grooming your pet as excessive force can cause discomfort.

Benefits of Using Undercoat Rake

If you are looking for the best no skin irritation dematting tool, this PawsPamper undercoat is a perfect choice. The tool is suitable for all pet breeds and can safely perform hair shading without destroying your pet’s coat. Besides, this tool does not need any special training, and anyone can brush a pet fur with it. Also, this undercoat rake is very efficient and works wonders within minutes. Moreover, your pet will enjoy grooming from the PawsPamper undercoat, and there will be no fights when using the tool.

Cost of Undercoat Rake

Do you know that you can own this product for your wirehaired pointing griffons today without breaking the bank? Yes. This gorgeous tool is affordable, with an average price of $24. Moreover, free shipping can be accessible for prime services. No more excuse. Get this perfect tool and enhance the wellbeing of your pet.

Our Pick
Undercoat Rake - Proprietary Teeth Angulation

Undercoat Rake allows you to safely and effectively remove dead, fuzzy undercoat in minutes! This tool helps keep mats and tangles from developing in their furry undercoats.

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The PawsPamper Undercoat Rake is a revolutionary new tool that helps remove undercoats and loose hair as you groom your wirehaired pointing griffons. It’s easy to use, and its ergonomic design makes it comfortable for both you and your pet. When choosing the right rake blade size for your dog, consider the compactness of the dog’s fur and length. Besides, to get the best results when grooming with an undercoat rake, start slow by using short strokes in an up-and-down pattern to loosen the dirt around the neck area before moving on to other areas of grooming. You’ll be amazed at how much easier brushing becomes when no tangles or mats are left behind.

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