Deshedding Tools

Maintain the health of your dog's coat with deshedding tools.
Our Pick
Mars Coat King Dematting Undercoat Grooming Rake Stripper Tool

Use it to trim out the undercoat, trim out dead hair, unravel & demat the coat. Quickly and easily removes loose hair from dogs. The Original Mars Coat King - Made in Germany.

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10/18/2022 05:52 pm GMT
Deshedding Tool for Dogs 2 in 1 Dematting Undercoat Rake

Regular brushing easily removes dead undercoat so no fur goes flying. Skin massage ensures better blood circulation promoting healthy and shiny coat. A good brush will ensure both you and your pets enjoy the fantastic moment.

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10/18/2022 07:06 pm GMT
Our Pick
Undercoat Rake - Proprietary Teeth Angulation

Undercoat Rake allows you to safely and effectively remove dead, fuzzy undercoat in minutes! This tool helps keep mats and tangles from developing in their furry undercoats.

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SleekEZ Deshedding Grooming Tool - Patented Undercoat Brush

The ORIGINAL by SleekEZ (5 inch - Medium) is the World's #1 Patented Deshedding Tool for Pets. Our unique Wave Pattern Blade is perfectly constructed to gently brush away loose fur, dirt, and dander without snagging! Nothing works better than SleekEZ at removing shedding hair, dirt and dander.

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10/18/2022 06:09 pm GMT
Dual-Sided Shedding Blade with Stainless Steel Blade
$11.39 ($11.39 / Count)

SOFT ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED HANDLE-Which comfortably forms to your hand. It's a non-slip handle grip. No matter which way you hold, it dramatically maximizes your control while grooming. It helps prevent accidents caused by slipping.

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10/18/2022 07:34 pm GMT
Grooming Rake for Shedding and Dematting - Double-Sided

Dual-Head Design: 2 sides, 2 coats, 1 tool! Use the 9-teeth side of this dog and cat brush for smooth dematting, and the 17-teeth side for quick coat thinning and deshedding.

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10/18/2022 06:52 pm GMT
Grooming and Shedding Vacuum Attachment Kit

The VacGroom Kit allows you to groom your dog with the upmost ease. In this kit, you get the Grooming Tool, 3 Interchangeable Combs, and a 46” Extension Hose with Universal Adapter.

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10/18/2022 08:02 pm GMT
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